The Retail StopShop Company is a Nigerian-owned, internationally oriented, retail company specializing in the creation and operation of traditional bricks and mortar retail stores. In addition, we have the developed and deployed of a unique e-commerce shopping platform called StopShop Click and Collect.

StopShop Click and Collect

The power is yours...Captain Planet.

StopShop Click and Collect is an innovative retail solution from The StopShop Company Limited. It is designed to firmly place the power of buying and delivery in the hands of who it was always meant to be in - you the customer.

Imagine getting to a retail store and meeting your shopping cart already packed full of every item you wanted, just waiting for collection… beats the fast-track lane right? Think of all the precious time often lost milling about at the store looking for simple items; you can save that time with Click and Collect.

What if you no longer had to schedule your time around your expected deliveries and wait helplessly for them to arrive? You can simply select your groceries online and choose any convenient time to swing past StopShop to pick them up in no time at all.

Simply logon to StopShop.com and select your products, make your order and schedule your preferred pick-up time. All orders are packed within thirty minutes of order placement and you have the option to either pay online or in-store.

You can say goodbye to:

  • Prolonged walks dodging people and shopping carts through numerous aisles because you are trying to get the shopping done.
  • Waiting in long, winding queues to pay for your shopping.
  • Cancelling important appointments to await delivery of your groceries, toiletries etc.
  • Countless hours spent calling your retailer to find out why your items haven’t been delivered.
  • Street-wise retailers waiting for more orders around your location before making a delivery so that they can maximize profits.

Simpler is always better, just Click and Collect.